Foods That Improve Sperm Count – Boost Male Fertility with Foods 0

Foods that boost male fertility – Increasingly more couples are finding difficulties in having a child and this is mainly due to an escalating increase in male the inability to conceive. There are various scientific studies that point to the disappointing fact that male fertility continues to be on a drop over the earlier 100 years and a lot of it can be simply because of our life-style and failing dietary habits.

Foods that boost male fertility

Low sperm count is but one of the major reasons behind any drop in male fertility. Nevertheless, certain foods could be highly valuable in helping men improve their sperm count.

Foods that Increase Sperm Count

So that you can produce wholesome sperm and ensure a standard sperm count, there are certain minerals, vitamins and also nutrients that your own body requires.

For example, zinc is one of these kinds of minerals that play a critical role inside the production of wholesome sperm. Not only this, additionally it is extremely important for the creation of the male sex hormone Testosterone which controls sexual and reproductive system function inside men. Reduced ranges of testosterone not merely results in low sex drive and erectile dysfunction but in addition affects sperm count adversely.

 Foods that boost male fertility 2

Hence, it is important to contain foods that contain inside your diet. Zinc not only boosts sperm count but also increases sperm motility and also the number of stay sperm in the semen that have got the capacity to feed the female egg.

Here are some foods that are usually rich in zinc:

  • Oysters along with other shellfish
  • Animal protein such as lamb, turkey, meat, etc
  • Nuts
  • Barley
  • Sunflower seeds etc
  • Pumpkin seeds

Moreover, you should note that protein is the very best source of zinc. This is because the body is likely to soak up it much more readily out of this source than every other source.

Selenium is another nutrient that your body needs for the production of healthful sperm. Foods that contain selenium consist of red meat, poultry items, cottage cheese etc.

In addition to, the above minerals, specific Vitamins such as C, E as well as B12 also impact your semen creation. You must include foods that contain these kinds of vitamins in your diet.


Keeping the body hydrated is really important. Dehydration minimizes the volume of semen your own produce which usually affects the sperm count adversely. You will need to have a minimum of 8 glasses of water a day. Furthermore enough water assist in your semen quantity but also assists flush out toxic compounds form the body